The demand for energy is growing, which can sometimes put stress on the electrical grid. Residential electric customers can help by voluntarily reducing their energy usage on days when demand is forecasted to peak, known as “Flex events.”

You may have received Flex event notifications via email, text, or phone asking you to take simple steps to reduce energy usage on certain days during specific hours. Why?

During critical periods of high demand, PSE might deploy short-term generators, which are costlier and more carbon-intensive than standard facilities. Taking small energy-saving actions during Flex events, like turning off large appliances, can collectively make a big impact in smoothing out demand as we shift from less-efficient to cleaner resources.

By working together, we can reduce spikes in demand and ensure reliable energy for our community.

Have questions about Flex events? See FAQ below.

Unlock rewards for saving energy during Flex events

Want to take a more active role? You can get rewarded for reducing your energy usage during Flex events by joining one of our Flex programs. You’ll get paid just for signing up, plus more the longer you stay enrolled. Additionally, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $250 gift cards each month (except October and April).

Choose how to participate

Flex Rewards
Flex Rewards

During Flex events, PSE will send you notifications to reduce your energy usage. You'll earn money based on how much electricity you save.

  • Get $25 for enrolling
  • Plus $1 per kWh you save during Flex events
  • $15 each year you stay enrolled
Flex Smart
Flex Smart

Own a smart thermostat? During Flex events, PSE will automatically adjust its temperature set point by a few degrees with no action needed on your part!

  • Get up to $50 per device for enrolling
  • At least $10 each year you stay enrolled
Flex EV
Flex EV

PSE will remotely signal your home EV charging to happen outside the hours of Flex events.

  • Get $100 for enrolling
  • Plus $0.50 per kWh you save during Flex events

Flex event notifications

As part of our commitment to supporting our community in this effort, PSE customers are automatically set to receive Flex event notifications.

By default, notifications will be sent via email, but customers have the option to receive phone (program dependent, see table below) and text as well. If you enroll a smart thermostat or other smart device, you'll receive notifications on your device and/or device’s app before and during a Flex event.

Notification emails for Flex events will start right after PSE announces a new event. For events happening the next day, emails will start at 8 a.m. PT the day before and will be delivered by 5 p.m. PT on that day.

For same-day events, notification emails begin at 8 a.m. PT on the day of the event and are all delivered by 12 p.m. PT. Flex events taking place on the same day will start at 3 p.m. or later.

You can always adjust your notification preferences by following the steps for each program listed below.

Program How to enroll Customer incentives How Flex events are communicated How to adjust your notification preferences
Default Flex event notifications PSE customers are auto-enrolled None Email, Text, Phone Go to the bottom of your most recent Flex event email notification and click “Manage Preferences” and then unsubscribe. Or follow the opt-out steps given in our text and phone notifications.
Flex Rewards Enrollment link on Flex Rewards landing page $25 for enrolling
$1 per kWh you save during Flex events
$15 each year you stay enrolled
Delivered by Tango gift card
Email, Text Receiving notifications is a requirement to stay enrolled and earn incentives. Log into FlexSaver to adjust preferences.
Flex Smart Varies by device manufacturer. Links on Flex Smart page Up to $50 per device for enrolling
At least $10 each year you stay enrolled
Delivered by Tango gift card
Thermostat device app or thermostat display You cannot disable notifications, but you have the option to decline participating in a Flex event.
Flex EV Varies by equipment manufacturer. Links on Flex EV page $100 for enrolling
$0.50 per kWh you save during Flex events
Delivered by Tango gift card
Email, Text Log into FlexSaver or call 1-888-292-0504
Time-of-Use with Peak Time Rebates
(Sch. 317 or 324)
TOU homepage Credits on monthly bill for voluntarily participating in a peak time rebate event Email, Text Receiving at least one form of event notification (email and/or SMS) is a requirement to participate in the Time-of-Use with Peak Time Rebates pilot program.
Visit TOU FAQ page for more details, or email to manage your notification preferences.


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Flex event tips
Participating in Flex events can be simple. Check out some energy-saving tips for events in all seasons.